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My new writing place is at capricorncringe.wordpress.com. Chapter 1 of my novel, Rache’s Risk, is posted.

I think I am going to use Mondays as the day to post chapters of the book. When/if I write other things, they will also go on that blog.

It’s called Risk Exile. I was listening to a radio interview of an astrologer and he told a caller that he had to take chances to make his dreams come true; he had to risk everything – he had to be passionate and risk exile to make it happen. That phrase – risk exile – has stuck with me for all these years.

That’s what I’m doing. Go read it. Let me know what you love about it or what you hate about it. I’m going to submit it again. And again.

If someone is willing to publish romance novels that are badly written softcore porn, surely there is a niche for me 😉