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Unconscious mutterings is back! Well, it never went away, but I don’t always participate because sometimes the word prompts don’t inspire me.  You know how to play by now, right? The word prompts come from LunaNina and the inspired brilliance comes from you.

You can play here by answering in the comments and win nothing – or you could stop by Claudia’s place and have a chance to win one of her books or Girl Scout Thin Mints.  I won a copy of The Fey a few months ago. The book is good, but more than that, I was thrilled to have something that was written (and autographed) by someone that I sort of know, in a bloggy kind of way. More on that later, though.

  1. Death ::
  2. Identified ::
  3. Saturday ::
  4. Dumped ::
  5. Division ::
  6. Stilted ::
  7. Crimes ::
  8. Stumped ::
  9. Future ::
  10. Team ::

  1. Death :: spiral
  2. Identified ::enemy
  3. Saturday ::night special
  4. Dumped ::discarded
  5. Division :: I basketball
  6. Stilted ::conversation
  7. Crimes :: and misdemeanors
  8. Stumped ::again
  9. Future :: is so bright, I gotta wear shades
  10. Team :: Edward