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I completely forgot that on this day in 2006, I quit smoking. Yay. Okay, wait. I have to confess that at one of the company’s we’re-all-getting-fired-so-let’s-go-get-drunk parties  (I think it was the first one, back in February), I smoked a cigarette. And then I smoked another one after that. I was sick for a whole day afterward, so I guess I learned my lesson.

Speaking of sick, I’ve given myself food poisoning 3 times in the last 3 or 4 months. I’m never eating chicken again. No, I’m not leaving it out too long when I thaw it. Yes, I’m cooking it thoroughly.*  Therefore, it’s the chicken’s fault and as far as I’m concerned, it can cross the road and stay there.

My boyfriend/downstairs neighbor has dumped me. He left Father’s day weekend and has only been back to the house a few times to do chores like mowing the lawn and taking my trash out to the curb. I ran into him Monday and he told me he was moving out. Because he got married. To someone else.  I’m crushed.

Actually, that’s true. I am upset. He was a great neighbor. He kept the yard looking good, he took my trash to the curb, he used to shovel the snow from my sidewalk until I turned him down for a date last year. He always knew what was going on in the neighborhood, so I didn’t worry about my crazy neighbors in the apartment building next door.

My car is not playing nice. Recently I’ve noticed it’s hard to move the shift lever. Then, a few weeks ago, I went to the store, came out and the car wouldn’t start. It wasn’t the battery because the fan came on, the dashboard lit up, but the motor didn’t turn over. So I called my brother  who agreed it wasn’t the battery (see? I told you!). For some reason he put it in Neutral and it started. *sigh* He called a friend of his who said it was the neutral safety switch. Sounds expensive to me.

I am drowning in homework. I don’t understand the networking books at all. It’s like French. And to think I’m taking the Cisco Network certification class (as independent study) after this. That’s like French Literature.  There is an actual class (with a real instructor) that starts in a couple weeks. I think I will roll along with the independent study thing and then sit in on the class if it’s not full. Just for fun, I took a 25 question test on the material. I got 44%. That’s 11 questions, in case you don’t have a calculator handy. Was I this freaked out when I started the A+? I suspect I might have been.

I went to the store today and saved a total of  .83¢  I saved .41¢ because I picked up a 12 oz container of cottage cheese for $1.79 but when I looked down, I saw the 24 oz container was on sale for $1.38.  Even I can do that math.  Then at the register, the boy gave me my total and then said, “Oh, wait,” and gave me a different total. They have large screens so you can see what they’re doing – he gave me a senior citizen discount, saving me an additional .42¢  Isn’t that sweet?

I don’t care what anyone says, it’s the hair.

*Maybe my indoor grill isn’t working properly. Yeah. I’m gonna blame the grill. And the chicken. Stupid chicken.