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I’ve had two days in my Network+ class. Two days to realize I am in far, far over my head. (Have I mentioned that I am vertically challenged?) I’m seeing words like “signal” and “frequency” and “nm” (that’s a nanometer. I didn’t even know they had those) If I had known I was going to have to be an electrical engineer in order to maintain and support a computer network, I might have re-thought this whole process.

In two days (not even two full(-duplex) days, more like half(-duplex) days for 4 or 5 hours) I have encountered ALL of these acronyms. Most of them have cutesy pronunciations, like “fuddy” for FDDI. I can’t remember to say “fuddy” – I don’t even know what FDDI stands for yet! Or “scuzzy” for SCSI. For some reason, I can remember “scuzzy.” Oh well.

abbreviationThen there are all the words that I thought meant one thing, but really mean something else. Words like “microwave” and “bridge” and “hub” and “port.”

All I can say is:


Because I know what that means! FFS!