Someone spiked my drink with a shrinking potion and now

I’m getting smaller and smaller and I’m freaking out because the cat is

staring at me with a weird look in her eye and I’m afraid to go outside – I don’t want

to get eaten by a stray. Please help me … help …
…….. help ….
. . . .

I’m easily amused. Sorry. (I stole the idea from a book I read in junior high and I can’t for the life of me remember the name of it)

Oh, you wanted Unconscious Mutterings? Of course, what was I thinking?

(I was actually thinking that I need to do my homework – right NOW – but I’ve already been working on it for 2 days and I HATE THIS CLASS because it’s HARD.  😥

Also, I’m starting the Network+ class tomorrow, plus the Phoenix stuff, so if I’m not around much in the next two weeks, don’t worry that some mad scientist gave me a shrinking potion [even though it could totally happen].)

Sorry, got distracted again. No, I’m not ADHD, I’m just … ohhhh, shiny!

LunaNina provides the words, you say what you think … and then you read other people’s answers and go, “Why didn’t I think of that!?”

  1. Guest ::
  2. Impact ::
  3. Unplanned ::
  4. Tactic ::
  5. Delayed ::
  6. Bombastic ::
  7. Comfort ::
  8. Trumpet ::
  9. Joe ::
  10. Budget ::

  1. Guest :: speaker
  2. Impact :: high
  3. Unplanned :: pregnancy
  4. Tactic :: strategy
  5. Delayed :: reaction
  6. Bombastic :: fantastic!
  7. Comfort :: food
  8. Trumpet :: Louis Armstrong
  9. Joe :: Blow
  10. Budget :: buster