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I’ve been stalking Lucky FeatherTail* for weeks – and I finally got a picture of her without a window between us. She has been living under my neighbor’s shed – and I’ve been feeding her on the side of the house.

It’s a bit confusing to tell them apart because Indy has an evil twin that lives next door.

DSCN3351 He** looks exactly like Indy. Same head shape, same size, and no visible white markings. He has green eyes, though, and Indy’s are gold with only a little green.

Then we have Lucky FeatherTail – who is such a scaredy cat that it has taken two weeks to get a decent picture of her. This time, she let me open the door, walk onto the deck and take a picture.  Check out that tail. It’s the most awesomest thing ever.


But when I took one step closer to the rail, she freaked out, even though I was still a good twenty feet away and two flights of steps above her. She ducked back under the shed.


And this cat also has a twin, that has the same small, triangular head and almost-crossed eyes, but its tail is unspectacular. Which makes me sad for the little guy, having to live in his sister’s tail-shadow like that.

*Got a better name?

**Why am I sure that Indy’s twin is a boy and Lucky FeatherTail is a girl? Because I said so.

(I’ve always wanted to say that!)