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I didn’t die and I didn’t throw up. That was a pretty good start to the blind date, don’t you think?

We met for a drink and it was … okay. It wasn’t spectacular. It wasn’t terrible. What was interesting is that from her profile and the way she worded her emails, I thought she was probably a bit of a snob. She wasn’t at all – but she doesn’t talk the way she writes. Most people do – I do. So when we talked on the phone, it wasn’t what I expected at all. We stayed for about an hour and a half and then I said I had to go – and that was that. No big spark on either of our parts – not even the spark of a good friendship. She was nice, but I don’t plan on calling and I’m sure my phone won’t ring.

It was good to get that first “date” out of the way, though. It will be easier the next time, I think. I’m on a roll. Who knows? I may get brave and go to Avitable’s Halloween party or the next TequilaCon. Okay, probably not, but still … I feel more in charge of my life now. And that is never a bad thing.

In other news you can live without: I’ve been working with a state program to get them to pay for my Network+ class and certification exam – which is really about 5 blog posts for all the things that have gone wrong.

When we learned the company was closing, the state agency came out and enrolled us all in their program and assigned us career advisors.  We were all eligible for any kind of training we wanted to do, because we were displaced workers. I didn’t realize that I could get the training paid for, so I did the A+ certification on my own. 

Then I called my career advisor and made an appointment. When I got there, the woman at the front desk told me I needed to go to orientation. I said I had an appointment and she told me it was for the orientation. So I sat through that, got a ton of paperwork, filled it out, gathered all the documents I needed and called my career advisor again. I told her I had been through orientation and had all the paperwork. She said, “Orientation? No wonder you didn’t show for your appointment. I was supposed to run orientation that day but I traded because I was going to meet with you.”

Le sigh.

It’s always like that in my life. I didn’t have to fill out all that b.s. – because I was already enrolled, I just needed my birth certificiate. Figures.  But the good news is – at the orientation, I found out that I can get the Network+ training paid for. The better news is, they will also pay for my CCNA certification, which is Cisco Certified Network Associate. Since I want to be a network nerd, I had planned on getting that eventually. If I get it now, I will definitely be able to find a good job. I’m really excited about that.

I have an appointment Monday at the school to enroll in both courses and I should be able to start on July 6th.

God willin’ and the creek don’t rise, that is.