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Between writing the post that came from my last post (which I haven’t posted yet, but I will soon. Post-haste) and panicking because the team project I thought was due next Monday is actually due on Friday – as in the day after tomorrow – I thought I’d let you see Indy’s new buddy.

We’ve had some big thunderstorms here the last few days and the temperature has dropped into the low 60’s at night. Which is great, because I refuse to turn on the a/c. Last night I was sitting on the couch watching television and I glanced out the window. I saw a skinny black cat with a big, fluffy, feather boa tail, just staring at me.


A few minutes later, s/he came up on the deck and stared in the window. That’s when Indy wandered in and saw her twin. She didn’t react the way I expected. She sat on the back of the loveseat and stared back. Her tail was doing a slow swish which she does when she’s checking something out.

feather boa tailLook at that tail! I opened the door to let them have a closer look. I was fascinated because TFC used to freak out when other cats came up on the deck. See how the screen is bowed along the bottom? That’s because she tried to attack another cat through the window. TRC, on the other hand, was completely enchanted so far.

The noise of the door scared the feather boa twin cat, so she hit the stairs again.

reflected twins(I love the reflections in this picture)ย  They stared at each other for a long time. I didn’t hear any sounds, but they must have been communicating somehow. It probably went something like this:

TRC: Just be patient. My human is a sucker. Hell, she adopted me just because I purred.

Feather Boa Cat: But it’s cold out here. It’s been raining all day. I’m soaked. Should I try a pitiful meow?

TRC: Trust me. She’s already worrying about you. She’s thinking of bringing out some kitten food that she had left over from when I was just a baby.

FBC: Oh, good! I’m really hungry!

And I did take a bowl ofย  food outside – and placed it near the apartment building next door. Because I really don’t need a cat hanging around on my deck.

He (or she) is back today. The poor thing is scrawny and I have half a bag of kitten food that I didn’t use when I was transitioning TRC to adult cat food.ย  There’s nothing wrong with just making sure the cat gets some food, right?