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Update: Go here to see what I decided to do.

Last summer when Penelope went off to Greece for a week, she entrusted 8 evil bloggers people to look after her blog. For my part,  I logged in, wrote my little piece and forgot about it.

Since I don’t use blogger anymore, I rarely log in. Today I logged in and happened to glance at my profile. And in that profile, my blog is listed as Its Me Penelope. Just for a giggle, I clicked that link and what did I find? Ten months later, I still have the keys to her blog.

This is why I don’t have guest posts. Let’s just say I’ve made fun of Neil Diamond once too often and so I can’t trust anyone with my password and/or administrative rights.

Still, the opportunity is too good to pass up. I need some suggestions though. What should I do to Penelope’s blog to remind her never to leave the front door unlocked?