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For the last few days I’ve had wicked edema in my feet, ankles and legs. Like you needed to know that, right? I told you that so I could tell you this: I’ve been laying around with my feet up (which helps but not as much as I’d like). And I told you that so I could tell you this: Today I got comfortable in my recliner with a pillow on the foot rest, bottle of water and phone beside me. I settled in with my laptop to do some homework. Then I realized I wanted some Aleve and something to eat. I also realized I’d forgotten to feed the cat. So I called MoC.

Me: Can you come over?

MoC: Maybe. What do you need?

Me: I need some Aleve. And I forgot to feed Indy. (cue pitiful meowing in the background)

MoC: Well, maybe this afternoon …

Me: I’m also a little hungry. I have some yogurt in the fridge. You’ll have to stay until I finish it, though, so you can rinse the bowl out. If I put it on the floor, TRC will lick it and bad things will happen to her.

MoC: Oh, we can’t have that!

Me: No, we can’t. It ain’t pretty. So what time can I expect you? And before you say “next Thursday” just remember: Jo Anne would do it. In fact, Jo Anne wouldn’t have made me wait so long and would already be knocking on the door.

Instead of giving me a time, MoC changed the subject! The audacity!

MoC: If we win the lottery, you can pay someone to wait on you. Did you see the article about the girl who used visualization to win the lottery?

MoC and I decided we would use visualization for the ticket she already bought. I will concentrate on the amount ($192 million) and she will concentrate on the numbers. It’s going to work, I can see it.

Me: Does this mean you’re not coming over to get me the Aleve? I have a little headache.

MoC: Just visualize yourself without the headache.

Me:  I’m never going to win, am I? But it will be so much more fun to torture you when we’re rich.

MoC: Just keep in mind that we may win – but I have the ticket!

Me: I love you!

MoC: Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Jo AnnE (with an E!), if you’re reading this, could you bring me a little dish of ice cream? Any flavor is fine, except mint chip. I don’t like mint chip. But anything else is great. Well, I’m not really fond of pistachio, but I’m sure whatever you pick will be wonderful. Thanks!