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I’m going to Hell St. Louis for the weekend, so if you know where I live, please don’t steal my laptop. I’m not taking it with me. My cousin’s dog had puppies and the cuteness must be documented, so I am taking my camera.

While I’m gone, you can entertain yourself with the pictures from my junkyard adventure. Before we get started, I have a question for any photographers out there. How do you focus on an object that is behind another object? For example, in this picture I was focusing on the sign which happened to be behind a barbed wire fence.*

sign The sign is blurry but the wire is sharply in focus.

[Aside: I have no idea how I’ve managed get the text next to the picture instead of above or below it, so feel free to clue me in. Yes, I’m going for a degree in IT. What’s your point?]

[Another aside: I’ve decided to stop bolding the text to see how it looks.]

Here’s another picture that would have been good if it had focused on the leopard and not the fence.Β Β Β  IMG_0493On to the junkyard, because I know you’re anxious.

wheels2 touching

smashed Hood

Jack lined up pink cadillac souri

cannibalized buckle up bow tie

And one of my favorites …

runs kind of(click to embiggen – priceless)

There’s a bunch more on my Flickr page (Plus some cool pics of Indy. No, really, they’re cool. Srsly).

* I have a Canon SX110 – it is a glorified point and shoot, but I do have some manual control. I’m just not sure what to do to fix the problem.