It never fails. Whenever I laugh at my mother, I end up paying for it.* It may not happen at that moment. It might not happen for a week or a month. But the bill always comes due.  I never learn.

My mother’s cousin moved up here about 5 years ago – she was one of my mom’s closest friends and moved into the apartment complex where my mother lives. She passed away about 18 months ago.  Although they didn’t really look alike (because they were cousins, not sisters), they did look like they belonged in the same family. It’s also important to note that there was only a 3 year difference in their ages.

Yesterday I got this email from MoC:

the maintenance man came today to install my new faucet…
and he said … by the way what happened to your daughter .. did she move?
I had to think for a minute and I said you mean the lady in building 13?
he said yes…
I know I’m looking older now … but 20 YEARS … good god!
have you picked yourself off the floor yet?

I had a good laugh – a really good laugh – but that bill always comes due.

I play Mob Wars on Facebook and so I am always recruiting people to my mob. The first step is to add the person as a friend, which lets them see your pictures and write notes to you. Today, some cheeky 19 year old bastard wrote on my wall and asked for my autograph. I have the same name as a certain actress (who isn’t very good), so I thought that’s what it was about. Not really all that funny, but nothing I haven’t heard before.

Then his next note said:  This is Deidre Barlow, isn’t it?

It may come from across the pond, but somehow, I always pay for it.

I will never mock MoC again.

This time I mean it.

*Go ahead and click the link – it’s worth it.