I thought I’d take a time-out from my slow, agonizing death from bat-eared fox/bird/cat/zebra flu* to let you know that I’m dying a slow, agonizing death from bat-eared fox/bird/cat/zebra flu. Just in case you wondered where I was or something. It’s nothing personal. I didn’t even let my mother know about it – she had to read it on my Facebook page. Because I am a terrible daughter.

Okay, it’s nothing quite as dramatic as a new mammal flu combination (wait. Are birds mammals? Crap). I’ve just been busy with school, trying to find a job and fighting an ever-increasing sense of gloom and doom.

It’s official. I’ve gained back all of the weight I lost two years ago. I think I said that in an earlier post, but I was being dramatic because I still had 10 lbs to gain to make it official. Now I’m telling the truth (and still being dramatic). So that sucks. I am going on the “it’s not a diet, it’s how thin people eat” diet which consists of not pigging out on Cheez-Its or ice cream or cinnamon rolls or cookies or anything else that I will eat until it’s gone or I throw up, whichever comes first. I probably shouldn’t have mentioned throwing up. *sigh*

I bought a hypnosis dvd and a companion relaxation cd. Today I was laying on the couch listening to the cd when TRC jumped onto the back of the couch and then stepped down onto me. She stretched out on my stomach with her paws on my chest and purred me into a coma. I opened my eyes to this face, four inches away from me.


I’ve also given in to the Twitter craze. I thought Facebook was bad. Twitter is pure evil. You can follow my evil deeds over here if you dare.

Why are you still staring at me? Dismissed.

*I think it was actually food poisoning. Paralyzing abdominal cramps – check. Continuous nausea – check. Uncontrollable vomiting – check. Crushing headache – check.  Diarrhea – not required. Thank God.