My love-hate relationship with Facebook has now tipped toward love. I found my old friend MS yesterday. We worked together a long time ago and she was the first friend I came out to – probably because she was out, too. I don’t know how we managed to lose track of each other, but we did. I checked for her on Facebook a few months ago but didn’t find her, so I’m not sure what made me check again. But I’m so happy that I did. 

 We got together for a couple hours last night and much fun was had. Her girlfriend stopped by later and she was delightful too. I’m so happy. You know what this means, don’t you? It means I can expand my network and meet some new people. Also, her girlfriend is a programmer and when I told her I was looking for an entry-level IT job, she said to MS, “You should call Lynn and see if she has anything available or knows anyone.” Yes, MS, you should definitely call Lynn.

That kind of broke the paralysis I’ve been in for the last two weeks. As soon as I passed my second A+ exam (and earned the certification), I kind of freaked out. Thinking about finding a job and going into a completely new field is one thing in the abstract. When it becomes reality, it’s a whole other ball game. I’m scared to death. On one hand, I know I can do it. I know I can. On the other – change is scary as hell and I don’t like it. At all.

I spent this week playing with the computers at the school, which helped my confidence, especially since I took one completely apart and put it all back together. It worked, too.

Today I looked for a few jobs and found one that I thought I would want and/or could do. They wanted 2 years help desk experience, but that seems to be normal, so I’m just going to start sending out my resume and see what happens. Someone, somewhere will give me a chance.

Mostly I’m just happy I found my friend again.