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I dragged MoC to the zoo the other day. She went to get the tickets while I parked the car. As I walked up to the ticket counter, MoC started laughing which always makes me a little nervous. She had told the cashier she was with her daughter and wanted tickets for “One senior and one junior” – so she got a child’s ticket. Then, when she explained that she was just joking, the cashier told her not to worry about it … so I got in at the children’s rate. I knew I was regressing.

We walked by a carousel in the kid’s area and I asked her if she wanted to ride. MoC’s quote of the day: No, I’m afraid of horses.

So we went to see lions and tigers and leopards and cheetahs instead.
wild animals
IMG_0476 Captain Kangaroo I presume? Mohawk IMG_0525
IMG_0429 IMG_0426 zebra butt IMG_0437

No zoo visit would be complete without meerkats – and Penelope would yell at me if I didn’t show her buddies showing off for the guests.
m-m-meerkat playing dead

Cheetahs cuddle puddle

Red Panda UnaMom

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