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I did it. I passed, with a couple percentage points to spare. I’m still waiting for the voucher so that I can schedule the second exam. And then? I can tear up their computers in the lab so that I can get a little more experience and feel more comfortable.  I’ve done a few things on my own computer, like changing out hard drives and adding RAM and expansion cards, but it was a long time ago and it was on a computer that I could afford to break (sort of). I don’t have that luxury now. But the school’s computers? That’s a whole other story.

On my home I watched someone run into karma. Literally. Technically, I was on a four lane highway, but the speed limit is only 45mph through the eastern part of the city. Wait. Do you count lanes going both ways or only one way? If it’s both ways, it’s a four lane divided highway. If you only count going one way, then it’s two lanes. (Yes, I did flunk my driver’s test. Four times. Why?)

I was tooling along, basking in my almost-A+-certified genius, behind a dump truck. Another big truck was in the left-hand lane, slightly ahead of me. A Cadillac came screaming up behind me, swung into the left lane to pass, darted in front of me and roared up to the dump truck that was ahead of me. Then the Caddy darted back into the left lane, just in front of the other truck. And by just, I mean it had to have been inches. From where I was, it looked close. I’m not sure, but I might’ve called the guy an asshole. Maybe not, though, because I was in a pretty good mood.

About thirty seconds later, the truck in front of me slowed and I ended up passing the other truck that was in the other lane. The traffic light was red. The truck in front of me stopped. I stopped behind him and realized that people in the left lane were out of their cars. Lo and behold, the Caddy kissed the ass end of a big F-150 truck.  I laughed out loud and then I checked myself because it’s mean to laugh at other people’s misfortune. But since both drivers were inspecting the damage, I realized no one had been hurt and continued to laugh. When I realized a woman was driving the Cadillac, I giggled even more. Sorry girls. It’s just been my experience that men drive fast … but women are dangerous and reckless. Or in this case, wreckful.