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I’ve made it clear that I have no love for the state of Kansas. Mostly because the state is like a horny frat boy: anxious to screw me, but they never offer to buy me dinner. After my third (or was it fourth?) call, and second fax (that cost me $4 to send) I’ve finally convinced them that school (U of P) is not interfering with my potential work schedule and that taking the A+ course will actually help me find a job. Now if only I can convince them to pay me for the last three weeks. The cheap bastards. Apparently everything is on hold until they make a determination about the A+ course on whether it is “approved training” – which could be tomorrow. Or next month. No one’s really sure.

I’m taking the first exam tomorrow – and I’ve been on the verge of vomiting ever since I scheduled it. I had it scheduled for Friday but I decided that waiting an extra day would just make me nauseous an extra day, so I changed it. I want to get it behind me. Once I pass the first test, I can schedule the second one. I’ve crammed everything I can into my head already. I won’t learn anything new with one extra day to study so I might as well take the plunge. And if I flunk – they’ll pay for me to take it again.

Think of me tomorrow at 7 am Pacific, 10 am Eastern and 3 pm London time. If you don’t hear from me – I flunked. If I flunked, send me money. TRC is getting hungry.