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Look what I got! It smells like Vanilla Nirvana (which Smells Like Teen Spirit). Wende sent me this darling sachet, filled with relaxation and peace. Exactly what I needed!

The class is going well but it is taking longer than I expected. Since the regular class is 4 hours a night for 5 nights, I honestly thought I could knock this out in a week. I’m in the middle of my second week and nowhere near ready for even the practice exams.  That tells me that if I took the regular class, I would be trying to fit too much information into a too-short time frame and a too-small space (my head). Still, I can’t look for a job until I get certified and I can’t get certified until I can pass the tests.

The learning center has a huge space on the lower level of a shopping mall. Every morning (and most afternoons) I see mall walkers in twos and threes. Some say hi, some don’t, but they all smile at me. Every day I pass this fountain and stop for a second, just to get my bearings. There’s something about water – any type of water – that soothes me.


When I focus so intently on something (like passing these exams) I tend to lose track of what’s going on around me. In some ways that’s very good. In other ways it’s bad because, well, I lose track of what’s going on around me. And that’s usually where all the good stuff is.