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Resolution: I should be nicer. It would suck if G* found my blog and realized how annoyed I’ve been with her. On the other hand, since I seem unable to express it without being completely evil, maybe it would be better if she found this. (By evil, I mean that when she told me last night she is convinced a heart procedure is going to kill her father, I tried to tell her everything would be fine. When she told me I was wrong,  I agreed and told her she should make a list of people to call when it happens. She got the point. Or at least she shut up about it). She’s had a hard time lately. Which isn’t really an excuse, is it?

Last weekend when I was out taking pictures, I saw a sign that I was too lazy to stop and shoot. It was a “share the road” sign – actually two separate signs on one pole. The top half was a yellow diamond with a drawing of a bicycle. The bottom sign was a rectangle that said Share the Road. The top screw had fallen out of the bicycle sign and it was hanging sideways – it looked like the bike was wrecked.  I was really tired by that time and I would have had to turn around, find a place to park and walk up a hill to get it. So I decided to go back the next week. But then I was taking the A+ course and it was rainy all week and I was tired … and I didn’t get around to it. Today I went looking for it. It had been fixed. *sigh* Next time.

Resolution: Take the shot immediately!

But I did get a bonus of sorts. The neighbors in the apartment building next to my house are loud and obnoxious and I get to hear them fighting all the time. It would be really great to open my windows and hear … nothing. Maybe a bird chirping or something. Shrill screaming is almost like a bird chirping, only a little louder. Anyway, they’ve also dumped some furniture next to the dumpster by the end of the building. And it has been there for a month. There was also a broken television (in two big pieces) but it’s gone now.


When I left for school yesterday morning, I saw this in the side yard.


If that looks like a citation from the city, it’s because it is. Ha!

*In a fit of paranoia, I’ve changed the name so it won’t be easily discovered. Because she actually is my friend and I’m just venting out of frustration with the situation.