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(who was a kick-ass saint. Just sayin’) … this post is brought to you by the color green.

Update: The class is going very well. Right now I am watching video demonstrations and reading along in the book(s). Maybe by the end of this week I can start tearing stuff up in the lab. It’s giving me brain-melt, but I’m enjoying it. Once I get into the lab, I can really start having fun. I can’t play on my own computer because I can’t afford to break it. I’m looking forward to breaking theirs.

I got new license plates when I got my car licensed. I think the plate itself is prettier but MoC hates them. Despite what she says, she doesn’t object to the design as much as the fact that they also changed the number/letter system. Now the plates have a random mixture of letters and numbers instead of three numbers followed by three letters. She claims it’s a matter of aesthetics but I know better – she just doesn’t want to give up her easy-to-remember number/letter combination. (Although I really can’t imagine why you would need to memorize your plate number anyway).

Today after my class I called MoC to see if she wanted to go to Wal-Mart with me because I needed to exchange a purse I bought last weekend. (I found one at Macy’s that I fell in love with. $88. *sigh*) We talked for a while and then I asked her if she was going with me to Wal-Mart. I should know better, really I should.

Me: Are you going with me?
MoC: Do you want me to?
Me (rolling my eyes even though she can’t see me): Noo. I’m really hoping you’ll say no.
MoC: Oh. Well then I guess I won’t. I guess you don’t love me.
Me: Nooooooooo!
MoC: You don’t. You just said …
Me: No! I mean no I don’t not love you. I mean … ARGH! Why do you do this to me?
MoC: Because it’s so much fun!

I hung up and drove to her house – and that’s when we had the license plate conversation. I told her she should get a vanity plate.

MoC: But I don’t know what to put on it.
Me: Dad told me once he wanted one that said KISS RR
MoC: What’s that – kisser?
Me: No, Kiss Rs … Kiss ours
MoC: That’s funny, but I’d need one that’s my own.
Me: Oh, I’ve got it! Q-O-A-T
MoC: Um… is that like Coat? Quat?
Me: What’s a word that starts with Q?
MoC: Quick, quill, cute …
Me: Cute?
MoC: You know what I mean!
Me: I think you mean you spell cute with a Q
MoC (ignoring me): quite, quarter, quality
Me: Seriously? That’s all you’ve got?
MoC: quorum, quote, quilt, quiet
Me: You can do this forever, can’t you? Who’s Charles’ mom?
MoC: Oh! Queen! Queen Of All Things!
Me: Yes!
MoC: Maybe something less complicated than that.
Me: I didn’t think it was that hard.
MoC: The Queen has the QE2. Maybe I could have the QE3

I couldn’t agree more … but maybe it could be the QM3, considering that her name is MoC, not Elizabeth.