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A few posts ago I mentioned that while I’m mostly calm, cool, and collected, I have been known occasionally to lose my temper. I went to the chiropractor when my shoulder was bothering me at the end of December. He took some x-rays and popped my back (because my shoulder hurt) and didn’t fix anything. But he did take my insurance card. Since it was the very end of the year (the 30th) they didn’t call to verify the benefits until January.

In the meantime, I tried to change my next appointment because I was really busy with school and so I wanted to come in right after work. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Hi, this is Capricorn Cringe and I need to change my appointment. I need something around 3pm if possible.
Chiro girl: Well, it’s to read your x-rays.
Me: Right. I just need to change the time.
Chiro girl: You could come in tomorrow at 6pm.
Me: I really need 3pm, or 4pm at the latest.
Chiro girl: But he does adjustments at that time. For an x-ray reading, it has to be later.
Me: I can’t come in later. It has to be at 3 or 4.
Chiro girl: Why?


Me (deep breath): Because I have school and I need to come in earlier than 6pm
Chiro girl: Where’s your school?

What possible fucking difference does that make?

Me: It’s in Kansas and that’s why I need to come in earlier because I’ll be in class at 6pm.
Chiro girl: Well, we only do xrays after 6pm.
Me: Okay. That’s fine. I’ll just find another doctor who can accommodate my schedule.

I called my old chiro (who is farther away) and he got me in, fixed the problem, and didn’t bug me about stupid xrays.

Someone else from that office called me the next morning to get me an appointment early in the day and I gleefully told her I had another doctor.

Back to the insurance mess.

In January I got new benefits. The girl who handled our benefits happened to sit next to me with a wall between us. She told them the insurance was with another company, not realizing they were asking about last year.

So instead of calling me, they just filed with the new company. And the claim was denied. I called the chiro and told the girl that the insurance information was wrong – the same girl who wouldn’t give me an appointment time I wanted. She told me she would let the insurance clerk know.

Yesterday I got a bill.

So I called again. I got the girl again. I told her the insurance was with company X and they needed to refile.

Chiro girl: You need to call another number for the insurance.
Me: Okay but this shouldn’t even be an issue. I gave you the correct information.
Chiro girl: Let me pull your file. (insert horrible hold music) This says it is with company Z.
Me: My insurance changed on January 1. My appointment was December 30. The card that I gave you was correct.
Chiro girl: Well this says …
Me: Oh. My. God! I cannot believe the level of incompetence in that office. Don’t you worry about it. I’ll get your mistake straightened out for you. You just sit there and look pretty.


When I told MoC about the conversation, she said, “You didn’t really say that, did you?”

Oh yes, I did.

The funny thing is, she wasn’t even that cute.