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When I first heard the company had sold and I would lose my job, I was happy because it meant an opportunity to get out of this and do what I want. Then I was sad because despite Marmaduke, the Shrew, Cartman and Bosshole, it’s been a good place to work. When they downsized me two years ago the Vice President called me personally, told me she made a mistake and asked me to come back. The same one who is giving me a reference now.

Yesterday the team went to lunch as a kind of goodbye celebration – without me. I told Marmaduke earlier in the week that I would go, but she forgot – and they left without me. I was on the phone and when I looked up, they were gone. In their defense, in 7 years I’ve never gone to lunch with them unless they made me. They assumed I wasn’t going. So when they got back, I tormented Nice Boss. I told her my mother left me in K-Mart when I was four and I never got over it and it was going to take another thirty-eight years a long time to get over this. Except I might not live another thirty-eight years long enough to get over it, which meant I’d be upset forever! Then Bosshole chimed in and said she was going to have a goodbye dinner last night and not invite me. Heh.

People seemed genuinely sad to see me go – and it surprised me. It always surprises me when I realize people like me (you really like me!). One of the women asked me this morning if I was ready to get out of there. Of course I said yes. Then she gave me a one-armed hug and kissed the top of my head. I know, pretty brave of her. I was too startled to kick her or anything. Actually it made me feel good. Bosshole gave me a watch with the company logo on it. Nice Boss almost cried. I was overwhelmed with all these warm, happy feelings.

They had another luncheon today for everyone. To make sure we stayed for it, they handed out our severance checks after we got our food. I was in the first wave of people to go through the buffet, so I got my check and went back to my desTยฎ. And that’s when I noticed no one was in my area. No one. So I took my stuff and left.
What? I hate goodbyes.

I’m not sure what I feel. Sad. Happy. Excited. Scared. All of those things, plus more I haven’t identified yet.

I posted the homework eating cat picture because it made me laugh. It was funny because TRC plays with paper – she loves it. I should have posted this picture instead. Hindsight is 20/20, right?


I’m so embarrassed!I’ll never be able to show my face around here again.


Which reminds me … I’m getting new glasses, too. ๐Ÿ˜Ž