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My classes are only five weeks long. That’s a short amount of time to cram in a lot of information, so I’ve been busy doing homework at night. Since I’m getting into areas that I don’t already have a background in, I have to read and study a lot more than usual. Unfortunately, that means TRC has been a little lonely.

When I talk to MoC on the phone, Indy walks in and starts meowing. She’s like a little kid and the second I get on the phone, she wants my undivided attention. She follows me from room to room and sits in my chair as soon as I get up. It’s really sweet and I feel bad that I haven’t had as much time for her.

Stop rolling your eyes. I know she’s a cat and not a child. I know she doesn’t reason the way humans do. But hey, it’s obvious she loves me and misses me when I’m not around.

TFC wasn’t like that at all. She was half-feral when she found me and it took her a long time to trust me. She was always skittish and jumpy. When I saw TRC at PetSmart, she was the only kitten. A couple of cats weren’t yet a year old, but she was the youngest one. She was also the only one who was showing any personality. When I took her out of the cage she curled into me and purred so loud it startled me. She was the polar opposite of TFC. I fell in love instantly. She is a small, friendly panther. She’s given back to meΒ  1000%.

When I read that black cats have the lowest adoption rate and the highest euthanasia rate, it made me really sad. I’m not superstitious and I am surprised that these cats have such a bad reputation. Indy is so happy, friendly and playful and brings me nothing but joy – and she crosses my path all the time. I admit I haven’t let her cross my path while I was walking under a ladder and breaking a mirror simultaneously, but still … I think I’m safe.

These were taken the first night I got Indy.

dscn30131 dscn30151

And these were taken last night

dscn4243-12 dscn4235-11

She’s almost a year old and 10.5 lbs of purry happiness, which is a good thing. If she used her powers for evil, I’d be in deep trouble.

And now for the obligatory ICHC pic …

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Come to the dark side … we have ‘nip. And the collection plate.