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I’ve had so much going on that I’ve just been trying to get through it without losing my mind. Again. So here’s some of what you missed:

The Shrew has been doing all the work. I mean that literally. Because she works from home, if there is a shortage of work, I have to give her mine. If there’s nothing at all to do, she has to come in to the office. They aren’t going to pay her to sit at home and play on the Internet. Since we’re closing and most of what I do has already moved on, she gets all of the work and they pay me to sit in the office and play on the Internet. Today I got so bored, I started taking phone calls. Yes, it’s that bad. And I feel no obligation to even attempt to be nice anymore, either, so it’s an experience for the caller, too.

I tease Bosshole about being soul sisters. We have similar sweaters that we wear on the same days (without consulting each other). Or I’ll think about wearing mine and change my mind, but she will wear hers. We have the same shoes. We often wear the same color combinations. I suppose it’s coincidence but I know it bugs her when I say we’re alike.

Today one of the girls noticed we were wearing our matching shoes. I said “It’s because we’re soul sisters.” The girl laughed and Bosshole said, “No, we’re not.” And so I did a little dance move and Bosshole said, “See? She ain’t got no soul.”
Maybe you had to have been there.

A few days ago I was at a convenience store. A mom and her little boy were ahead of me and a man came in behind me. The boy started playing with the EBT keypad (it’s used for food stamp and welfare benefits. I had to look it up. I may be using it soon) and the guy behind me reached around me (big no no) and did something to the keypad to show the kid. The clerk looked irritated as they left and so the guy said, “Oh, did I fuck up your shit? Sorry, ma’am. I mean your stuff?”
It’s okay to say “fuck” in front of a lady, but not “shit.” Gentlemen, take note.

I got my grade back for the project – we got an A, but barely. I got an A for the class. Yay. I was very disappointed with the project (but not the grade). There was just so much that I could have done better. But I guess the whole point is learning something – and I did. I learned never to rely on a “team” again. The two people who actually tried to help are in my new class – and want to work with me again. Oh, joy. It will be better this time.

I haven’t heard anything about the job I interviewed for. I know that at least three other people interviewed as well, which means I probably didn’t get it. I have mixed feelings about that. On one hand, it would be security for a few months. On the other hand, I want to be in IT. Mostly I’m excited because I know this will end up being a good move for me. I’m just scared that I will be very, very hungry for a few months first. On the other hand, I could stand to lose a little weight.

I signed the paperwork for my severance package today. I guess it’s official now.

11 days.