When TFC first found me, I was amused that she liked to wash her paws in her water bowl. I thought it was cute because she was so delicate and dainty-looking. I didn’t know anything about cats so I thought she was unique. I guess it’s a bit like a new mom being fascinated with every sound and movement her baby makes. That cat really was different, though. That’s why I still don’t know much about cats – I didn’t have a normal cat to learn from.

Fast forward to this year and my new buddy, Indy. Isn’t she cute?


If TFC was irascible, TRC is the epitome of mellow. She’s an incredibly sweet cat. She is almost a year old and hasn’t been interested in her water bowl except to use it for its intended purpose. Until recently. For the last two weeks, I’ve had to get up every morning and clean up a flood because she’s dragged her water bowl all over the kitchen. A few times it made me so angry that I admit I dumped the remaining water in the bowl (not very much!) over her head. Don’t judge me, man. It was 5 am!

I decided to get an automatic waterer for her. I’d read online that some cats like that better and it can stop them from dumping the water. Because everything you read online is true. In my online search, I found a double diner that stands about 6″ off the ground. It makes it easier for older pets to use, I suppose. It also had storage in the bottom. I like multi-purpose things. Plus it looked sturdy and was only $12.99. The others were a little more expensive, but were more attractive. Yes, I’m shallow. Off I went to PetsMart even though I have a project due in like 5 minutes.

The automatic waterer and feeders are cool. They even have decorative caps so they kind of blend in to the décor – assuming you have a brown house. I picked one up and it just seemed too flimsy. I knew I would not only be mopping up spilled water, but it was so light that I would have to hunt for it every morning.

I moved on to the Store-N-Feed Jr, which I decided to buy. At the register, it rang up as $21.99. I made the cashier get the manager and I explained that I found it online for $12.99. He asked me if I printed it. I said, “No, why would I do that? It wasn’t a coupon, it was the listed price.” I also asked him if they had a computer and we could just look it up right there. Of course they didn’t have a computer. When I got home, I fully intended to print the page and drive back to get my money back. Only, I discovered that my slydexia had kicked in and it really was $21.99.  *sigh*

Oh look! It’s perfect! Even at $21.99ppets-3761516t400

And it was perfect … perfectly centered in the middle of the kitchen at 4:00 am. At least the water hadn’t spilled much. So now I have this …


The duct tape holds it together because now there are two 5 lb bar bells wrapped in a towel inside it. It’s not like I was using them anyway.