As I was writing my last post, I thought it would be funny to share a sort of family joke. It’s still funny but I had to explain it a bit. In the explaining, I misspelled my cousin’s name. Because I’ve known her for forty-two years my whole life and suddenly I couldn’t remember how to spell her name. I put an “e” on it but it didn’t look right. The next day I got an email from the St. Louis lurker in which he mentioned her – and spelled her name correctly. Then I saw her comment – with the correct spelling – and looked around for a rock to hide under.

To make up for it, I am creating a tribute to my cousin Jo AnnE using words ending in E. Because E is not only the best vowel, it’s the best letter. Period.

To E or not to EΒ  … I now have the answer to that question!

joannewordleOh, hey, look! I left out “name” and “forgive” … I’ll never learne.