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You may remember the terrible story about the boy who was killed by a flying fender at a monster truck show. That was 11 days ago. Then a monster truck show promoter was killed when he walked in front of a monster truck at a show this weekend. That’s actually on video – although it was edited to stop just before the accident.

On Monday, our HR person sent a mass email announcing discounted tickets to the monster truck show this weekend.

Draw your own conclusions.

So. The interview today. It didn’t happen. The manager was out sick and they rescheduled for Thursday. Which is probably good because I did not have a great day today. I got up early, got ready (including curling my hair. On purpose. With a curling iron) and went outside to start my car. That’s when it all went downhill.

I have a habit of locking the door when I go out. It’s automatic. I don’t even think about it. I didn’t think about it this morning either. And yes, I did it. And no, I didn’t have my house key with me, just the spare car key. I realized what I’d done a split second before the door latched – but it was close.  I thanked God for my good fortune by muttering “son of a bitch” under my breath.

I started the car and realized I was out of gas. But at least I had money to fill the tank, right? Right! Not really. I’m just kidding. I pulled next to the pump and realized I didn’t have my check card. I expressed my dismay by saying “Fuck!” very firmly. But I did have cash, which is actually a miracle in itself.  So, pre-pay it is. No problem. There is a chain of convenience stores in KC (and probably throughout the midwest) that have very smart, fast, well-trained people. This morning I discovered that they do, in fact, have one rude employee.

I’ll spare you that story, but I will tell you that she put in the wrong pump number. When I walked back (did I mention it was 3 degrees [-16 C] and snowing?) inside the store to tell her, she heaved a sigh and said she would change it. Only, she didn’t. I walked back in … and the manager said he would do it. So I walked back. And then I discovered the pump was trickling gas. At that point, I had been there 15 minutes and now I was going to be late for work. I encouraged the gas to trickle faster by imploring it, “for Christ’s sake! JESUS!” Luckily the manager happened to walk outside, so I flagged him down. He told me to back up to the next pump and he would fix it. He apologized and ran back inside. After what turned into a 20  minute pit stop I was on my way.

Friday is the last day for the first wave of people. The big wave happens next month and then the stragglers will go one at a time as the work dwindles. Friday the company is hosting a luncheon from a really good barbque place – kind of like a last supper, I suppose. One of our customer service people is leaving Thursday. She said she purposely gave notice on a Thursday so she could have a long weekend before starting her new job. I only told you she was leaving so that I could tell you this:  she wants to come to the luncheon and she’s mad because HR told her she couldn’t. She actually expected they would allow it.That was pretty hilarious.

We’ve also had a company in to help us with our resumes. I gave them mine to revamp and they did a pretty good job. Bosshole couldn’t be bothered to send hers to them. When I got mine back today, she asked to see it. I showed it to her and she said she liked the “form” and asked if she could copy it, so she could use the “form.” Of course she’d take all my information out. She just wanted the “form.” I almost laughed. And I almost smacked her. I did neither. Instead I showed her how to find the “form” in Word. Do it yourself, you dumb bitch.

The hilariousest part of my day came when I heard that our former CEO (who I think is pretty much responsible for the company’s demise) is a low-level manager at a company that had a booth at the job fair. He fell a long way, baby.

On my way home I heard “Let it Be.” I’m a pretty emotional person, but I don’t cry easily. For some reason, I almost started blubbering.  I guess as much as I want to be out of that job, it’s hard to let go. I liked it there for a long time. It’s hard for me to relax and let whatever happens happen.

Then I heard “Cecilia” and that song always makes smile. On balance, the day wasn’t a total waste.

PS My St Louis cousin is a very nice woman who does nice things for her kids. I tease my mother by saying  “Jo Ann would do it” when she declines some outrageous request, like cook breakfast and drive 25 miles to bring it to me.

Confidential to my St Louis lurker: May I use you as a reference? If you’re thinking of saying no, just remember: Jo Ann would do it 😆