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Lots has been happening and most of it is too boring to share. Suffice it to say that I’m too busy single-handedly doing my team’s project to pay much attention to my blog. Oh, and watching the other teams’ forums to make sure they stopped stealing from me.

U of P believes in the team concept. I believe in my own ability and that’s about it. So when I realized I was not only going to have to be a part of a team, but that the team project was 30% of my grade, I seriously considered going to another school. Working online (even in a team) has advantages. I can work when I want – even in the middle of the night. The problem is posting. I have access to all the team forums – and the other teams have access to my team forum. The only thing that is private is my individual forum that only my instructor can access.

This morning I discovered that another person in class (but on another team) ripped off something that I posted in my team forum. So I ratted on him to the instructor.

I have to go back to the chiro tomorrow. I still have a bruise from the last visit. I mentioned that I was having a lot of trouble losing weight and he suggested I see my regular doctor to check for thyroid issues. Well, fuck. That’s what I need!

I do have good news, though. Possibly. A friend of mine called to tell me her company is hiring one person. It’s basically doing the same thing I’m doing now. I have an interview on Tuesday. Think good thoughts. If I can get this job – and I might not, because 3 of my former coworkers are now at this new company, so I know the news is all over my department – then I can sock away my severance and not have to try to live on unemployment.  On the other hand, they have to like me enough to overlook the fact that I can’t start until March and that I will almost  immediately need a  week off  so that I can take the A+ certification course. You know, so I can start looking for another job. Heh 😛

It’s cold again. The Replacement Cat sleeps at my hip. I think she figured that’s as far as she can scoot before I move her down to the end of the bed. I let her stay there because she’s very warm and also because she’s gotten too big for me to fling to the end of the bed (she weighs 10.5 lbs and refuses to be flung. Flinged.) The first night I had her, I spent the night tossing her to the foot of the bed with one hand. I miss those days.