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Enough of the Dale Carnegie crap (even though it works and you should try it). I got an email from Griggs that said she had a case of “bad attitudeitis along with a sore throat and fever.” I sent her a lolcat instead of words. She doesn’t listen anyway.

I ran into Leslie yesterday. More accurately, she almost ran into me. I was at a convenience store trying to pull out and this car whipped into the spot next to me. I was watching it in my side mirror and she almost hit my car. I remember thinking, “Cut that a little close, bitch.” I backed out of the spot and when I looked up, I saw her get out of the car and then I recognized her. So I pulled back in and waited for her to come out. I gave her shit about getting so close to my car and we laughed (because she drives like a bat out of hell, but she is a good driver). I told her our friend A wanted to get together. Maybe we’ll do that soon. That would be cool.

I’ve had a couple weird dreams lately and one funny one. In that one, I was married to my ex-husband (I’m sure there is some profound psychological explanation for why I dreamed about him, but do you care? Neither do I). Since I didn’t write it down immediately after waking, I’ve forgotten some of the details, but there was some event planned with his sister. Something went wrong that was entirely my fault and I said, “I’m such an idiot! Does your sister know?”
And he said, “No, but she always suspected it.”
That’s why I woke up laughing.

Last night I dreamed I was running from someone who was trying to shoot me. That could mean two things: I’m more worried about being unemployed than I realized or I’ve been playing Mob World on Facebook too much. Or both.

This morning I dreamed that Indy was at the window and there was a black cat outside. I remember thinking, “That cat looks exactly like Indy” when the cat walked in through the window (that suddenly didn’t have a screen). And so I panicked because I didn’t want to break up a cat fight (spellcheck says this is one word. I say it’s two words because it is a fight with actual cats, not girls being catty). They didn’t fight, which was good, but I couldn’t tell them apart, which was not good. Indy has a few white hairs behind her ear; so did the other cat. Indy has a bent whisker (it actually looks singed) that has never grown out; so did the other cat. When I woke up, Indy was stretched out near my feet and was the only cat in the house.

I have no idea what any of it means.