It’s hard to believe another year is gone. This is what I wrote last year around this time:

I’m pleased about all the other ways I’ve moved on and all the things I’ve moved on from. I’m so content that it doesn’t even bother me that the previous sentence is a prepositional nightmare. Just because I’m a Capricorn doesn’t mean I can’t relax.

Oh, shit. Yes it does.*

Content. That’s a good word. It isn’t the exact word I’m looking for, but it’s close enough for blogs and hand grenades. The next few months hold lots of uncertainty but I am not completely freaked out by it. Not being freaked out freaks me out a little.

For me, it’s all about attitude. Amazing things happen when I step outside myself and get a little perspective. All year long, I’ve been taking little steps. All those tiny steps added up and I’m a long way from where I was last year – and a longer way from where I was the year before. It’s a good place to be.

It’s been a good year and it’s going to be a good Christmas, even if my brother is my mother’s favorite. (Evidence is here).  This morning we were talking about having an early Christmas Eve dinner. She called Red Lobster and Olive Garden and both were open. Yay. I told her I wanted to go to Red Lobster.

MoC: Well, the thing is, David said we’ve been to Red Lobster the last few times we’ve been out.

Me: You know where I’m gonna go with this, right? It’s all about David. God forbid we go someplace that isn’t David’s favorite.

MoC: Oh, damn. When Christmas is over, I’m taking his ornament and wearing it as a necklace.


*To prove I can relax,  I added snowflakes to the template to provide a little whimsy over the next few days. I’m a Capricorn – whimsy ain’t easy for me.