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Here I go again with nothing to say, but I’m typing anyway. Actually, I think I do have something to say but I’m not quite sure what it is yet. Whatever it is, I’m almost positive this isn’t it.

My sister MMB sent me a lovely Christmas present.



I opened it with high expectations and was not disappointed.


Texas trash (sorry to my Texas friends, but hey, that’s what we call it. It was Texas trash before it was Chex Party Mix – and the person who actually thought of mixing it all together and baking it got ripped off by General Mills.) Anyway … Texas trash and biscotti and brownies! Yes! I immediately fired off an email to my sister thanking her for the Texas trash, biscotti and fudge.Β  I didn’t want to open it yet, so I assumed it was fudge. I’m even more pleased with the brownies.

Of course Indy nosed her way into it, too. And of course, the picture that came out the best is the one with her head in it.Β  But really, how can you get (and stay) mad at this blurry face?


I woke up the last two mornings to her face two inches away from mine, just staring at me and purring – that really loud vroom-vroom purr that melts me every single time. And when I got up, her food bowl was empty. At least she doesn’t jump on me. She just stares and purrs me awake.

Speaking of faces (see what I did there?), I love this picture of MoC. She hates it, but she gave me permission to post it. As usual, we were goofing around and she’s giving me a mock (see what I did there?) reproachful look; it’s a funny picture.


Since I know her, it’s easy to see the amusement in the set of her mouth (she’s actually about to smile) and the humor in her eyes.

I tried to look at it objectively … and it’s a totally different picture, which is what makes it so striking to me. Imagining that I don’t know the person or the setting, she looks haunted to me – and the backlight helps that, I think. She looks ready to be happy, but isn’t there yet – it could go either way. Her eyes look sad. To me, she looks wary and a little cynical.

See why I love it?