A few months ago I signed up for a(nother) review on Ask and Ye Shall Receive. The url name is iwillfuckingtearyouapart, so I was a little nervous. Especially since they weren’t thrilled when they reviewed my blogger blog, although the fact that I’m not a mommy blogger seemed to please them. Maybe because that implied I hadn’t procreated?

I still haven’t procreated and they still hate my template (I don’t love it, either), but they didn’t fucking tear me apart. I was certain that the My Sharona video would get a laugh, but maybe it wasn’t as funny as I thought.

I’ve said before that while I primarily write for myself, I also want an audience and I want people to like it. I think the latter is true for anyone who puts a public blog on the internets. So I’m very happy that I got two stars and didn’t get the short bus, or the flamingย  finger of death … but I’m a little scared that the reviewer wants to get me drunk and dare me to do immoral things.

Not that I wouldn’t take the dare, of course. It’s just that my mother reads this blog and she still thinks I have a moral code.