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It was bad enough last year when the Royals went 69 -93. This year they improved by 6 wins to 75-87. Still, that’s embarrassing. I don’t even want to talk about the Chiefs, who totally screwed up their draft pick numbers by not losing last week. They’re 2-10 and won’t give me the worst record in the NFL to bitch about. Still, it’s pretty embarrassing.

Now our mayor is making national news because he’s … uh … well he’s whipped* and the whole country knows it. First, his wife decided she had to work in the office as a volunteer. She sat right outside the mayor’s office door and annoyed everyone. Then she got sued for allegedly calling a black female staffer  “mammy” – her defense was that she puts an “ee” sound on everything. She calls the mayor “Funky,” etc.

I think that suit got settled (I’ve gotten lost in all the legal action going on). But the city council had had enough, so they passed a nepotism ordinance that basically fired her and banned her from the office. That pissed off Funky, so what did he do? He vetoed it but when the Council overrode the veto, he took his toys and went home – and sued the city! He’s been working from home for the past couple months, which kind of defeats the purpose of being the mayor and looking out for the city’s best interests. It’s crazy time in Funky’s town.

I get that if your spouse gets dissed, you stick up for them. I even get taking an extreme measure to make a point. This goes beyond making a point – it’s detrimental to the city. We have enough problems without this – and we still have 3 years to go.

When I was looking up links for this, I found PAGES of stuff on this story. I’ve been hearing about his problems from the beginning, but I guess I never paid much attention to it because technically, he’s not my mayor and it’s not my city.  The city government is inept at best and corrupt at worst, but we just keep voting them in and then wondering why nothing gets done – or gets done in a half-ass manner. The only successful recent project has been the Sprint Center – and I probably don’t want to know how it got done. It’s better not to look too closely at some things.

I was about to post a video of the mayor and his queen when I remembered that KMBC has a pending discrimination lawsuit against them. Hot damn! I love this town!

*This is a link to a parody song about the voodoo poonanny. It will amuse you, I promise.

Here’s a little excerpt:

Men can’t resist the power it holds
so listen very close to the story I’ve told.
Poonanny got magic, poonanny got power.
It’s the only reason why men buy flowers.