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On this morning, my last day off before I have to get off my ass and go back to work, I am enjoying a packet of Berres Brothers Streusel Cake coffee. As the package says, it is “delightfully sweet, purely indulgent. A rich coffee cake flavor accented by a sassy swirl of cinnamon.” What could go wrong? My world is complete.

I started school again a few weeks ago. I hesitate to say this because anyone could go back through my categories (try ‘school girl’ for starters) and find a dozen posts talking about how I’m not sure I can do this or that it’s not what I expected or … (insert whine here). Mostly that was just because I was not challenged much in the first two years and it seemed like a big fat waste of my time. I wanted to take my computer core courses, and the math course and then they could just give me the degree. It seemed fair to me at the time and it would have saved me taking about a dozen classes.

I’m not a team player. I work best on my own (and at the last minute). But now that I’m in the Bachelor’s program, it’s all about team learning. I have facilitators, not instructors. I have to collaborate online on a team paper with people who probably aren’t going to be as responsible as I am (even if I do everything at the last minute, it gets done and it gets done correctly). And I’m going to have to do that for the next 2 years. I’m sure I will leave this school with a degree. I’m just not sure I’ll leave with an education. I checked into another school this weekend, but the cost is prohibitive.

I put up my little tree this weekend. It’s so cute. TRC (the replacement cat) was afraid of it at first. I was hoping the fear stage would last a little longer. She hasn’t tackled it yet, but it’s just a matter of time.

I’ve gained 10 lbs. That doesn’t really sound that bad, but considering I needed to lose 30 lbs, it is disastrous. When I was working out, I was not losing weight. When I quit working out, I started gaining. If this keeps up I will have to buy pants with an elastic band and that will be very, very sad. So I am going to make sure it does not happen. It will be harder with the holidays coming up, but it has to happen. I am at the point where I not only don’t look good, I don’t feel good. And that ain’t good.

It snowed yesterday. I love snow when I don’t have to get out and drive in it. However, MoC called and so I went with her to see my grandfather. After the visit we stopped to get lunch. That’s when I noticed something. It’s probably always been this way, but yesterday brought it to my attention. Our waitress was very nice, but a little flighty. She took our order, told us her life story and left. We sat there. And waited. And sat there. And waited. We were beginning to salivate every time food was delivered to other tables – but not ours. Finally the waitress came back and said, “How is … OH! You don’t have your meals yet!”

MoC and I debated whether she forgot to put the order in or whether it got overlooked in the kitchen. Either way, we were starving. This is what I noticed: Every time the waitress apologized, I said, “That’s okay.” And MoC kept giving me a look like, “It is NOT okay, stop SAYING that!!!” Finally MoC, ever the diplomat, said, “It’s not your fault but we’ve been here a while and we’re really hungry.” So we got an appetizer on the house. But that took a while to come out. And the waitress came back by and apologized again and I said, “That’s okay,” again and MoC gave me another dirty look and said, “Well, gee, did you have to make the chips from scratch?” She can get away with saying stuff like that and people aren’t offended. When I say it, they spit in my food. That’s probably why I always say, “That’s okay” when someone screws up.

In other news, the Chiefs won. Seriously. I’m not even playing. They won. They had the highest score at the end of the game.

As it turns out, I had a lot of words but nothing to say today.

That’s okay.