This morning I had the bright idea to post before and after pictures of my hair … the gray hair and then the hair that was supposed to be medium golden brown but is actually red where the gray was. Wouldn’t that be clever? Yeah. Except I did that almost exactly one year ago. If you really must see a) how gray my hair was and/or b) the reddish tint it now has, you can go here.

I’ve also mentioned that my dad had a wicked sense of humor (I know, I know. I must be adopted). For a few of his more amusing stories, you can go here. If you haven’t been reading long, I actually recommend that link. And for the picture that goes with the previous link, just look below


My dad drew that for me. ‘Cause he loved me.Β  πŸ˜› Anyway, when people would ask him how he thought of things so quickly, he said that he would sometimes think of random things and just tuck them away in case the situation ever came up.
I finally learned that trick!

Marmaduke: Oh, you colored your hair.
Me: No I didn’t.
Marmaduke: Yes you did. It used to be …
Me: Gray?
Marmaduke: Well … yeah.
Me: I didn’t color it. I just stopped worrying about things I can’t control.