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Last weekend I saw something in a restaurant that was very scary. Frightening. Bone-chilling. A man wearing crocs – and socks. He was seated to my left but he was sitting sideways on a bench seat, so I had a lovely view of his feet. I nearly lost my appetite (but not quite. After all, I’m a talented food inhaler). Obviously his wife has no control over him, letting him leave the house looking like that. Either that, or she has no taste either. Yeah, that’s probably it.

I took out my camera and tried to figure out a way to take a picture without being completely obvious. I leaned forward, twisted the camera sideways and this is the result:

DSCN3844 DSCN3845 DSCN3846
DSCN3847 DSCN3848

Then I did some not-so-surreptitious spy photography on MoC – in particular, her rings.

rings DSCN3852 DSCN3851