Bosshole gets everything on sale – she is a crazy shopper. When everyone was complaining about the price of gas this summer, I got more than a little tired of the conversation. Every day, one of my coworkers would come in and announce the price of gas at every station he passed on his way to work.

Bosshole knew it irked me, so she would worry out loud that gas prices were affecting her shopping budget. I told her if she managed her money better she could shop all she wanted and still buy the gas to drive herself to the mall. It got to be something of a joke and now every time she needs to buy gas she asks me for money.

Bosshole: Do you have any money?

Me: Yes. Why?

Bosshole:ย  I need gas.

Me: Okay. So?

Bosshole: So gas costs money.

Me: We’ve been through this. Ask Carol. Maybe she’ll fall for it.

Bosshole: Hey, Carole.

Carole (who sits in front of Bosshole and was listening): Yes?

Bosshole: Do you have any money?

Carole: A little.

Bosshole: I need to get some gas.

Carole: Eat a hotdog.

Maybe you had to have been there, but …