I owe it all to Mariksa Hargitay. One day she’ll realize that we belong together, but in the meantime I can thank my obsession with Law and Order: SVU for having the answer to one of Lass’s trivia questions. I’m a terrible blog-contest-holder because I never have prizes and even if I did, I’d be too lazy to actually mail them. But not Lass. She’s good. I won a book from her the last time – remember the Snoop Dogg debacle? This time, I won …

I didn’t win the cat (the cat won me). But I tried three times to take the picture and the little beast wouldn’t get out of the way. I’m considering making kitten chili (also known as kitili) this weekend. There are two brownies* – one chocolate and one pecan –  from Mary Lousie Butters and a half pound of Texas Pecan Coffee. I could smell it the instant I opened the mailing carton. I’m brewing some as I type because I could not resist.

*I’m saving the brownies, although they will be tempting. They will be my reward(s) for reaching weight-loss goals.  Yum.