First, I have an important announcement:  I am in love.

With a fictional character. His name is Edward Cullen and he is a vampire. He has a fictional girlfriend but I have a fictional plan to break them up so that Edward and I can live in fiction together forever.

I had heard about the Twilight series but hadn’t been motivated to go find the books. Then last week, I saw the first book “Twilight” and bought it on impulse. I read a few pages here and there but I’ve been busy and didn’t make time for it. Tuesday night I read the first chapter. Then I was sick yesterday. I got tired of laying around in bed, so I grabbed the book and laid on the couch and read. And read. And read.  498 pages worth.

On Tuesday I told MoC I wanted the rest of the series for Christmas. Last night, I told her there was no way I could wait until Christmas. This afternoon she called me.

She still uses my father’s name as her listing in the phone book. Because we have a long last name, only part of his weird first name shows up on caller ID. So when she calls I see, “Cringe, Very”  Today I picked up and said, “Hi. Are you Very or Somewhat?”

“Somewhat.  Who’s your favorite adopted mother?”

“Elizabeth Taylor?”

“Ohhh. Sorry, wrong answer.”

And then it hit me. “You found it! You found the book!”

I went over tonight to remove the vampires from her home … and in the sack I found a dvd of Witness for the Prosecution. I saw the last ten minutes (which was truly great – including a warning for the audience about not giving away the ending) and wanted to see the first part. Doesn’t MoC rock?

When I left, she got kind of a sad look on her face. “I saw your blog. The one about the comments.”


“Couldn’t you have just called?”

I laughed all the way home.