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So. Comments. Everyone is making them but a few aren’t getting through.

I’ve mentioned that I want readers – and I want my readers to appreciate (if not like) what they read on my blog. I won’t pretend that I write strictly for my own enjoyment because that isn’t true. I want people to enjoy it. I want my readers to go away thinking about what I’ve written.

On the other hand, just because I have a public blog does not mean that every single comment gets published. It’s a bit like the First Amendment, but even that has limits and restrictions. Just because you have a right to say it (or think it) does not mean others have a right to hear (read) it nor does it mean I have an obligation to publish it. One of the things I love about WordPress is the comment moderation.

Recently, it has become clear that I need to address the comment policy on this blog. Primarily, I write for myself. If you dig it, great. If you don’t dig it, you can kiss my royal Irish ass. Lots of blogs promote the “diversity of thought” idea – I do not. If you don’t agree with me, I may publish your comment anyway, but only if it is well thought out and well written. I may not publish your comment under the following conditions:

  • you are a comment whore
  • you are trying to generate traffic to your own blog
  • you are a sycophant
  • you are a crazy, sycophantic stalker
  • your comment is 553 words … and only one line in your comment actually refers to my post
  • you do not have an original thought
  • you are stupid
  • you are a link whore and beg me to add your stupid blog to my blogroll
  • your comment is what you think I want to hear as opposed to what you honestly feel
  • I just don’t like you

If your comment fits the above criteria, stop looking for it or a response to it.  It didn’t land in my spam filter “for some reason” – it landed there because I deliberately spammed it.

When my post is 1200 words and your reply is 553 words – count on the fact that your next comment will land in my spam folder because I don’t want to hear it. That’s not a comment, that’s a blog post.

If you get the reference of my post title – you can write whatever you want in my comments because I love you.

Not everyone likes me. I get that.

Conversely, I don’t like every single person who spams tries to comment on my blog. I’m fine with that – and you should be, too.