After applying for reinstatement to the University of Phoenix (it’s not like they kicked me out. I graduated from the Associate’s program. I have a diploma to prove it.) three times, I got an email from my enrollment counselor telling me everything was a go and asking me when I wanted to begin classes.

So I guess it’s official that I will begin working on my Bachelor’s degree this autumn.

It bothers me. Tremendously. And I couldn’t really put my finger on why I was so upset. When in doubt, I call MoC. She always tells me what to do.

Me: I don’t know. I just don’t want to do it.

MoC: It isn’t going to hurt you to do it. It may not help immediately, but it won’t harm you.

Me: I know. I guess I should just stop whining about it and do it.

MoC: You can whine all you want, but you should definitely do it.

Me: But if I do it, then I’m forty-four another 2 years older, with no experience, trying to find a job.

MoC: That’s true. But you could be forty-four another two years older and stuck in the same job.

Me: This sucks. I mean, if I don’t get the degree, I’ll never find a job in IT. But if I get it, then I’m another two years down the road and who’s going to hire me?

MoC: Exactly. It’s all about young people. And you’re not young anymore.

Me: Thanks, Mom. Thanks a lot. I suppose now you want to discuss the fact that I’m menopausal.

MoC: Aren’t  you?

Me: NO! But I figured since I’m already down, you might as well kick me!

MoC: Nah. I’m going to save that one.