One of my coworkers had a party last weekend. I was invited but I didn’t go. Yesterday she told me I should have been there because there were several available men there and I could have met someone. Bosshole almost choked.  The coworker also brought in a ton of crackers, cheese, chips, dips and veggies that were leftover from the party. Because of my diet (which I’m back on and this time I mean it!) I didn’t eat any of it and I guess no one else did either, because she brought it all back today.

She talks a lot – about nothing. Marmaduke shares a cubicle with her and she will get up and walk away while my coworker is still talking. No one really listens to her. This morning she was talking about the party (again) and the food she had left over (again) and then I heard this:

“I was looking for Jesus, but all I found was Provolone.”   What??

Last night MoC and I played Scrabble online while we were talking on the phone. Yes, I know how odd that sounds. We cheat, too. If she can’t think of a word, I’ll ask for the letters and help her out and she does the same for me. Neither of us are very good, but I have a perfect  0 – 2 record against her.  I am pretty good at adding suffixes to make new words – it’s the only way I can score points.  Her word was “deaf” so I created “deafly.”

MoC:  What’s  dee-fly?  (long pause)  OH!
Me: That is so going on my blog!

My neighbors got a puppy a few weeks ago. They probably don’t treat it any better than the kid. Tonight when I got home, he was on the deck, looking through the fence.

Down about two feet and to the left of the deck is this utility meter.

Click to embiggen so you can see the puppy’s face. He’s adorable!

The cat jumps up on the deck a lot. I don’t know why it likes that particular deck, but I’ve seen it up there several times. Only tonight, the door was open.  And the cat kind of hung on the edge of the deck trying to decide if it should go through the slats and make itself at home.  A minute later, it did. And a minute after that, it went into the apartment. Now I know it’s a stray. It’s been hanging out around here for two years. I really wanted to see what the neighbors would do, but the cat came back out within a minute and I didn’t hear any screaming, so I guess no one noticed. I must have blinked because the next thing I saw was the cat stretching against the slat (or using it as a scratching post). The puppy came bouncing out next and jumped up onto the cat’s butt.

The cat did a header off the deck, but landed on its feet. Then it sat there for so long I thought it was hurt, but apparently it was an “I totally meant to do that” moment while he determined if anyone saw what happened. Don’t worry, cat, I won’t tell.