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My duplex is adjacent to an apartment building. The building is a six-plex (hexaplex? sexplex? HA) and each has its own driveway and garage. It could be a nice building, but it’s a mess. And it is my main view from my front deck/porch. The rent is cheap and the building has a high turnover.

My newest neighbors moved in this spring and they can’t turn over fast enough. It appears to be two parts of one family and/or very close friends in two of the apartments. The two closest to me. They flick cigarette butts over their balconies that land on my sidewalk and my (wooden) steps. They told their friends it was okay to park in my driveway until my downstairs neighbor had a car towed. (Yay!) They yell at each other constantly. Mostly they yell back and forth between the apartments but more recently they’ve started screaming at each other. Yesterday I listened to them fight for three hours.

I was about ready to go out and ask them to either yell louder, so that I could hear all of the argument and make a definitive judgment about who won or to just drive to the police station and have themselves arrested (and save me the trouble of calling the cops). They finally shut up when it got dark.

Today I walked outside just in time to hear “JOSHUA WHY ARE YOU SUCH A TERRIBLE FUCKING KID?”

I’m not sure which one is Joshua, but the only child I’ve seen is about three. Lovely. I’m a pacifist. I talk big on the blog, but I’m very uncomfortable with confrontation in person (but I will do it if needed). I came damn close to yelling “BECAUSE YOU’RE A TERRIBLE FUCKING PARENT??”

While I was debating whether to inform her of her non-existent parenting skills, I noticed this cat on the utility meters on the apartment building.

About a week ago, I thought I saw the cat jump from the ground to the deck (which is just above his head in this picture and about six feet off the ground). Apparently, s/he is not super-cat and took a shortcut. It better stay off that deck, though. I don’t think that’s a family of animal lovers.

My cat is amazingly fast and seems to teleport from room to room. So when I took the above picture, I actually looked back into my apartment to make sure Indy was still inside.  She was.

Unless they’re mischievous twins and are gaslighting me.