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Today I had this non-conversation with the woman who talks with her mouth full while she’s on the phone (and probably in nice restaurants too). She walked up to my lunch table and stood right beside me until I was forced to look up from my book.  *sigh* When will people learn that it’s dangerous (and unproductive) to get in my space?

Coworker: So. What are you going to do?

Me:  About what?

Coworker: Do you have plans?

Me: Yes.

I’m not sure, but I think her ears actually perked up.

Me: I’m going to finish my lunch.

And I went back to my book.

I’m getting better at playing dumb. It’s not as hard as it would appear.  😉

That’s all I can say for now. I’d apologize for being cryptic, but I’m not all that sorry – and it’s not all that cryptic either.