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MoC and I hung out on Friday. We giggled all day (like we always do), did some antiquing, some lunching, some picture-taking and some fun-having. Here are some examples of our conversating:

Me: oooh  Let’s have cheesecake for dessert.

MoC: I don’t like cheesecake. I could live my whole life and never have cheesecake and be happy.

Me: That’s just wrong. How can you not like cheesecake? This just proves I’m adopted.

MoC: Yeah. You and David.

(who also loves cheesecake – because we’re normal)

Me: What? David’s adopted too? When were you going to tell us?

MoC: I wasn’t ever going to tell you but I was afraid the cheesecake thing would tip you off.

After the OJ verdict came down …

Me: Do you think they just nailed him for Nicole and Ron Goldman?

MoC: I should hope so!

And later …

(MoC is a lifelong, die-hard Democrat, so don’t send me hate mail. And don’t ask for her email address either.)

MoC:  Obama is a better educated O.J.

In the morning, we had breakfast at a fabulous place called The Corner Cafe. They have two locations, neither of which is close to us, but it is totally worth the drive. Later that afternoon, MoC was telling me they should expand (again) and put a restaurant near us. And not two minutes later, we drove past a building site and MoC pointed at the sign:  COMING SOON: The Corner Cafe

MoC: All I have to do is ask, and they come to build it. I’m like the Field of Dreams guy.

Mostly, like I said, we just enjoyed the day and laughed a lot. Today is MoC’s birthday. You should wish her a wonderful birthday if only because, without her, you wouldn’t have me. (Because I’m really not adopted. She’s not fooling me with that one anymore).

MoC taught me everything I know, but not everything she knows. For instance, I still don’t know how to roll my eyes. MoC can do it on command. Yes, she’s that talented.

No one, and I mean NO ONE, does sad and pathetic like MoC. She should have her own telethon. Don’t you want to send her money?

Now that I’ve mocked MoC, I should post some of my very favorite pictures of her.

And of course, MoC is too cool for school. Check out her bitchin’ shades.

Happy Birthday, Mom.

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