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I can’t have a few days off without the c-a-t having a problem. I’m pretty sure it’s a law. Thursday morning, I was trying to make a new “pop song poetry” video (which I now hate and will save for later. I have a better idea) and the Replacement Cat kept attacking the tripod – and I may post that video as an outtake, ’cause it was amusing. Anyway, I noticed that instead of looking like this

she was looking like this

and she wouldn’t open her eye. That probably isn’t good. I ran some errands and when I came home in the afternoon, she was still squinty. So I took her to the vet. For a mere $50, they told me what I already knew: her eye was bothering her.

They did a blacklight stain thingie (which is actually pretty cool) and determined that her cornea wasn’t scratched or ulcerated. When the vet pulled her eye open, I could see how red it actually was. So, she has kitty conjunctivitis and I get to put drops in her eyes twice a day. Lucky me.

With TFC (the fucking cat – original version), I would have had to let her eye fall out because there was simply no way I could get drops in her eyes once, much less twice a day for a week. If you want amusing freaked-out-cat stories, check the TFC category, or this post sums it up perfectly.

I have sort of a system. I get some treats and call Indy. Because she’s a trusting little feline, she always comes to check out what I’ve got. And it always looks like a treat, but turns out to be something squirted in her eye. You’d think she’d learn … thank God she hasn’t. Once I’ve got her in the room, I get on my knees and coax her over to me … when I reach for her head, she realizes the trap and turns to run. That’s when I capture her and kind of straddle her, with her head between my knees. Then I get her head in my left hand and try to pry her eye open, while working the bottle of eye drops with my right hand. If she could talk, she would be calling me very bad names right now. I have to let the drops fall out of the bottle – if I squeeze it, it bubbles and nothing comes out. Once I get the eye open, I only have a 3 second window to work with. If the drop doesn’t come out, I’m screwed. So I upend the bottle and let the drops work down to the tip, then I grab Indy’s head and wrench her eye open …

4 doses down, 10 to go …