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I have some big decisions looming, so I did what I always do when I have to think: I play. I play games on Pogo. I play Fate. Sometimes I do online jigsaw puzzles or I work on logic puzzles. And somewhere, behind all of this brain exercise, I am actually thinking, considering, weighing, and pondering. And deciding.

There’s another Indy video over here … last night she was chasing a gnat, or a fly. You can’t even see it, but whatever it was, she eats it at the end. Oh, no. I gave away the ending. Sorry about that. Anyway, I caught most of it, but I did tease her a little with the laser pointer to get her going again when she lost sight of the flying-whatever-it-was.  Bonus points for A) naming the artist on the video soundtrack and B) naming the movie soundtrack the song is from.  Enjoy.

And here’s a little puzzle that took about 5 minutes to solve. How long did it take you?

Five sisters all have their birthday in a different month and each on a different day of the week. Using the clues below, determine the month and day of the week each sister’s birthday falls.

1. Paula was born in March but not on Saturday. Abigail’s birthday was not on Friday or Wednesday.

2. The girl whose birthday is on Monday was born earlier in the year than Brenda and Mary.

3. Tara wasn’t born in February and her birthday was on the weekend.

4. Mary was not born in December nor was her birthday on a weekday. The girl whose birthday was in June was born on Sunday.

5. Tara was born before Brenda, whose birthday wasn’t on Friday. Mary wasn’t born in July.