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I’ve been listening to nothing but the Ting Tings all week. Thanks for that, Wende. Seriously. Thanks. I’ve been singing this tune 23 times a day, everywhere I go. I seriously doubt other people are thanking Wende for that. πŸ˜€

They call me hell
They call me Stacey
They call me her
They call me Jane
That’s not my name…
They call me quiet
But I’m a riot
Always the same
That’s not my name…

So yeah. The funk I’ve been in? I’m still in it, only now I’m listening to better music. I will work my way out of it – I always do.

I’ve slacked off on working out the last few weeks. For some reason, I thought if I did enough cardio on a regular basis, my lungs would miraculously heal themselves. I knew better, but I wanted to believe it.Β  It’s true that I felt better generally when I was exercising, but my lungs aren’t going to improve. I’ve got to work with what I’ve got – and I have to stop pouting about it.

When I stopped exercising, I stopped paying attention to my diet and I gained 8 lbs. That made me more depressed. It’s such a vicious little circle.Β  I got off the strict diet about a year ago. Tomorrow I’m going back on it and following it strictly for as long as it takes to break this plateau and get back to feeling like a normal human being.

I’m also working on another post on another subject stolen from Wende but nothing I write is making sense. Sometimes it happens like that. Probably I will just give up and post whatever I have. The ones I give up on and post anyway seem to resonate more with people.

Words from Penelope today:Β  You’re such a Capricorn!!

Let’s hope that’s a good thing … because I’m kind of stuck with it.