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I named the replacement cat Indie because she’s solid black, like India ink. India Ink is a little hard to say, so I shortened it to Indie. When I told my brother the name, he said, “Oh, like Indiana Jones.”  Maybe that is a better name for her … she’s fearless and adventurous. Which could turn out to be a dangerous combination.

The closet in my computer room is used for storage. My extra kitchen chair is in there, along with a couple boxes of stuff that I don’t know what else to do with. I’ve kept the door closed since I got Indie. For some stupid reason I opened it the other day and left it open. And Indie discovered a new playground.

Except she couldn’t figure out how to get down and I was not going to rescue her (because I was busy taking pictures). I set the camera down and came back to help her just as she half-jumped, half-fell off the shelf. She landed with a thud and ran off. I thought that would be the end of the closet adventures, but I took away the box she used as a launching pad just to be safe.


This morning I was sitting here minding my own business and I heard some tell-tale scratching sounds that told me she was in the closet and sitting on the boxes. But that’s okay because she isn’t going to try to get up there again after that scary fall yesterday, right? Next came a thunderous crash as she fell from the shelf and took the Christmas tree box down with her.

Later, I found her on the bookshelf, snoozing a safe 27″ above the ground.