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I took another mini-vacation last week and decided to go to a couple places in the area that I’ve never graced with my presence. The first was Union Station, which has finally been renovated (and still loses money because our city government is half-corrupt and half-stupid, which is a very dangerous combination).

train depot union station chandelier window DSCN3221

It was raining when I left, so I didn’t get a shot of the front of the building, but I did capture the fountain in front. There is a wonderful steak restaurant inside called Pierpont’s and I went in and took a few more pictures. To me, it seems very old-school, very dark and masculine. And they had a kickass display behind the bar.

drinks inside pierponts

The Liberty Memorial is a few blocks away from Union Station. It’s a World War I monument and museum that was opened in 1926. My grandfather remembers the being at the dedication with his parents – how cool is that? This is the front of the museum and the tower. They have Rockfest in this park – where the drunk guy ran from the cops, remember?

liberty memorial liberty waterfall

A glass bridge just inside the door leads to the museum. Underneath the bridge is an artificial poppy field, representing the 9 million(ish) dead and wounded. Because of the lighting I couldn’t get a clear shot of the poppies without a reflection, but as I was leaving a guide pointed out a cool reflection that I could use.

tower reflection tower

There are lots more pics on my Flickr page, but I’ll leave you with these pictures of other people’s words …

kaiser wilson bombs DSCN3261 warbonds